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            Home of Tainta Auto Parts
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            Established in 1997, Buspar Trade imports a vast range of genuine aftermarket Tata parts from the streets of India to the hub of South Africa. We are known as Tainta Auto Parts.

            We carry a large stock of these Tata parts on our shelves. We will place orders for items that we may not stock, with a fast turnaround time.

            Tainta Auto Parts Head office is situated in Edenvale, Johannesburg, where it is securely managed and operated, with branches in Durban and Cape Town.

            Tainta Auto Parts is a family owned business and thrives on client’s services, quality and pricing.

            Specialists in Genuine After Market Tata Parts

            After Market Parts for Tata Cars

            Click here to view our extensive range of tata parts

            Click here to view our extensive Gallery

            Tainta Auto Parts  |  Parts List Gallery of Tainta Auto Parts
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